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Support Medical Inquiry During COVID-19 for Free

Support Medical Inquiry During COVID-19 for Free

ZEGOCLOUD is Offering to Support Online Medical Consultation During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, ZEGOCLOUD is offering an Online Medical Consultation solution to help hospitals and healthcare providers deliver healthcare services to their patients remotely, which helps prevent the spread of the disease among healthcare workers and patients.

The solution we provide perfectly supports the needs of telehealth service providers, such as:

  1. 1-on-1 video consultation
  2. Multi-doctor video consultation
  3. Data security and privacy protection

By optimizing each and every step throughout the whole live streaming process, ZEGOCLOUD is able to deliver high-quality audio and video with ultra-low latency, providing users a perfect communication experience:

  • Multiple data centers and global network allow users to access the system through nearby nodes.
  • Intelligent dispatching system always connects users to the best network resources.
  • Optimized first frame loading strategy allows video playback to start instantly.
  • Our independently-developed transmission protocol achieves the best trade-off between latency and smoothness and adapts to different network environments.

In an effort to support the global fight against COVID-19, ZEGOCLOUD will provide 5,000 minutes of service free of charge to all healthcare providers and platforms that will use our solution. We also have a team of technical experts to support you whenever you need assistance.

ZEGOCLOUD With our fully customizable and easy-to-integrate Live SDK, you can quickly build reliable, scalable, and interactive live streaming into your mobile, web, and desktop apps.

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