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10 Best Free Mobile Games for iPhone & Android

10 Best Free Mobile Games for iPhone & Android

Gaming has become an essential source of entertainment for people of every age. PC and console gaming may be expensive for casual gamers. So, these players can enjoy the best free mobile games to enjoy an engaging gaming experience without any cost. You can read this article to learn about the best mobile games for free to make your leisure time more enjoyable.

Best Mobile Games You Can Enjoy for Free

People looking for the best free mobile games can get help from this list to identify some games for them. Here, you can analyze the best mobile games of 2024 you can enjoy without paying anything.

1. Pet Rescue Saga

Platform Support: Android, iOS

best free mobile games - pet rescue saga

Pet Rescue Saga is a strategic game in which you have to match blocks to proceed. While playing this best free mobile game, you need to free puppies and kittens stuck under puzzle blocks. However, you get limited moves to match the blocks, so you have to think through each step.

Moreover, over 5600 pet puzzles are currently available within this game to keep you engaged. In addition to simple block matching, you can use special powers to blast blocks to free many pets simultaneously.

2. Among Us

Platform Support: Android, iOS

best mobile games free - among us

During lockdown, this game reached the peak of engagement due to its innovative style. It allows multiple players to connect through local Wi-Fi or online to engage in the battle of wits. When playing this best free game for Android, players compete with each other while divided into two groups.

Crewmates have to complete tasks and identify imposters to win the game. On the other hand, imposters have to survive until the end without getting caught. You have to make strategies and monitor your surroundings to survive in this game.

3. Subway Surfer

Platform Support: Android, iOS

best free android games - subway surfer

You will be able to get an adrenaline rush with the fast gameplay of this best free mobile game. To survive in this game, you have to dodge trains coming towards you while you are on the run. Furthermore, a police officer and his dog chasing you throughout the game add challenges for the players.

Players can unlock many new characters and power-ups to do their best while playing this game. Overall, Subway Surfer has a swipe-and-dodge gameplay that lets players of every age enjoy it.

4. Rocket League Sideswipe

Platform Support: Android, iOS

best mobile games iphone free - rocket league sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe combines soccer and car gameplays to serve players as an ultimate source of fun. The gamers have to score as many goals as they can during a short gaming session. After collecting points during the game, you can customize the cars to do your best while playing this free iPhone mobile game.

In addition, it has a multiplayer mode in which players can compete in football matches. With only three buttons to play this game, anyone can learn to play it after a few initial tries.

5. Minecraft

Platform Support: Android, iOS

best android games free - minecraft

Minecraft helps you let your creativity get loose to build anything you want from blocks. This best mobile game for iPhone for free has two modes, including creative and survival modes. While playing survival mode, you have to gather tools to build something to survive against danger.

You can buy new skins and enter new worlds within the Minecraft Marketplace to avoid repetitive gameplay. Also, you can enjoy this game with up to 10 friends to have a creative experience building new worlds.

6. Genshin Impact

Platform Support: Android, iOS

best free games for android - genshin impact

While playing Genshin Impact, you step into a world filled with elemental energy. The players experience the adventures of two siblings who are devoid of their Godly powers and have to search for the answers in this new world. Moreover, this best mobile game for free has open gameplay to let you explore the world without any restrictions.

The combat system of this game is based on elemental reactions, including Hydro, Pyro, and Geo. In short, you have to master the elemental interaction to win the battle against your enemies while playing this game.

7. Pokémon Go

Platform Support: Android, iOS

free iphone mobile games - pokemon go

This game has emerged as a worldwide sensation due to its interactive gameplay, allowing gamers to interact with the world. While playing this best free game for Android, you have to roam around your surroundings to catch Pokémons. Other than that, players will be able to battle against other gamers to help their Pokémons power up.

You can also compete in Gym and Raid battles to catch powerful Pokémon in the peak hours. With its real-world gaming experience, you should enable GPS on your device to enjoy this game without any restrictions.

8. Candy Crush

Platform Support: Android, iOS

best free mobile games - candy crush

With its highly addictive nature, this Saga game has become one of the most-played games. During the game, players need to blast candies to complete the puzzle, with the time limit challenge. The developers keep on adding new levels every two weeks to keep the gamers coming back to this best Android game for free.

Other than that, you can spin wheels daily to earn power-ups to help you clear candies quickly. As you keep on clearing levels, the difficulty level will increase to give you a challenging gaming experience.

9. Monument Valley

Platform Support: Android, iOS

best mobile games free - moniment valley

If you love architectural games, Monument Valley will test your creative senses with its innovative gameplay. Gamers have to manipulate the structure of the buildings and castles to help the princess navigate through the visually stunning world. Plus, you have to uncover hidden paths and illusions to let the character pass through the gigantic monuments.

The gameplay of this puzzle game is pretty simple, as you only have to twist and drag the components to reshape the structure. With its 3D design and vivid color, this best free Android game has become a fan favorite.

10. Temple Run

Platform Support: Android, iOS

best free android games - temple run

With over half a billion downloads, it provides a thrilling experience to gamers worldwide. You have to run for your life After snatching an idol from the claws of a monkey. While you are on the run, you will face several obstacles that will challenge the players.

Moreover, you have to collect as many coins as you can to power up or buy new characters. With its simple swipe and dodge gameplay, anyone can master this best free mobile game within a few tries.

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Final Thoughts

As we have discussed, the best mobile games for free provide an accessible source of entertainment to everyone. These games will be a perfect partner for you during your leisure time. So, if you want to earn money by developing games with game APs for people worldwide, ZEGOCLOUD provides you with APIs and SDKs for this purpose. Utilizing these API integrations for the best free mobile games in your social applications will help you earn substantial revenue.

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