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Integrated Solution(3): Beauty Sticker

Integrated Solution(3): Beauty Sticker

In the Internet industry which emphasizing the rapid iteration, more and more platforms are docking with third parties to shorten the R&D cycle in addition to self-developed technologies. Based on this, ZEGOCLOUD is centered on Real-Time Audio and Video tech, and cooperates with upstream and downstream technology providers to provide an integrated solution of “Audio and Video +”. Allowing Customers to integrate multiple functions at one time. This article will introduce beauty sticker.

Advantages of the “Audio and Video +” Integrated Solution.

  1. Multi-party selection, complete capabilities, stable and reliable Technolog ZEGOCLOUD’s “Audio and Video +” solution can be quickly selected according to the needs of industry and customers, and flexibly connected to third parties. It can also be connected to multiple suppliers as an alternative for a certain function and achieve stable and high availability of technology and services.
  2. Turn the tripartite joint modulation to two-party docking, make the integrated access faster and more efficient.Customers only need to access ZEGOCLOUD services to achieve Real-Time Audio and Video functions, without multiple selections and repeated tests. Efficient and Convenient to reduce the cost of business, R&D and maintenance.
  3. Multi-party integration to reduce repetitive billing and user costs.ZEGOCLOUD constructs the connection between customer and the third party to help customers optimize the product structure, avoid repeated “wheel-making” in development, and reduce multiple billings and the user’s cost of use.

ZEGOCLOUD’s “Audio and Video +” integrated solution has accomplished the integration of content review, beautification stickers, interactive whiteboard and other functions.

Previously, we have introduced

Today, we introduce the second article of ZEGOCLOUD’s “Audio and Video +” integrated solution: Beauty Stickers.

Multi-scene application of beauty stickers: More Than Just Beauty

Based on the innovation and application of intelligent graphics technology, the beauty stickers derivate multiple functions such as smart skin and body beautification, 2D/3D facial dynamic stickers, 3D virtual image generation, gesture recognition, etc., making it suitable for multiple scenarios:

Pan Entertainment

Smart beauty: real-time accurate skin beautification, skin grinding, whitening, and rosy in one second; real-time facial fine-tuning, fine-tuning the eyes, nose, chin, mouth and other parts to create delicate facial features;

Distorting mirror: Provides 6 kinds of special effects for face deformation such as big eyes, square face, big nose, so that the face presents an exaggerated “distorting mirror” effect. In the chat social scene, the face can be changed in real time to create a smile;

AR stickers: Provide 2D, 3D dynamic stickers and face stickers that are highly compatible with human faces. Through accurate face detection and recognition technology, the stickers can be automatically attached following the action of the anchor, realizing the natural fusion of stickers and human faces;

Animoji: Replace the real face with Animoji, and the avatar can restore real-time facial expression changes synchronously in real time, increasing the fun of video socialization, and also protecting the safety when communicating with strangers;

In addition, there are also smart beauty features such as music filters, beauty salons, and 3D virtual avatars, which are widely used in pan-entertainment social scenes to create a high-quality video interactive experience.

Online Education

Background segmentation: Teachers can take classes anytime, anywhere, only need one key to switch the teaching background, and the complex background can be replaced with the brand background wall of the online education institution to realize flexible teaching;

Facial expression recognition: The camera automatically monitors online classrooms, performs face detection and emotion recognition on student facial expressions, and the system automatically generates class quality reports to help teachers improve their teaching in a more targeted manner;

Gesture recognition: The teacher compares the system preset gestures in the classroom to trigger the corresponding special effects or stickers. For example, the teacher gives a thumbs up to student who answers the correct question to trigger the trophy sticker. The system supports multiple gesture settings;

Virtual image: support the customization of popular IP images or resource materials to create a situational online teaching environment. For example, the teacher becomes a cartoon teacher, which makes the teaching class interesting.

Integrating two SDKs, the difficulty of technical realization of beautification stickers

The dazzling special effects of the beauty stickers make social interactions rich and interesting. If you want to quickly follow the popular gameplay in the industry, a complete set of beauty accessories is essential. When you launch the beauty filter effect, you may encounter the following technical difficulties:

1. Long period of self-research and incomplete functions: beauty filters and dynamic stickers must pay special attention to details to create vivid beauty effects, while independent research and development takes a long time and it is difficult to quickly follow up the latest beauty effects;

2. Integrating two SDKs, technically difficult to align: the combination of animation stickers and live broadcast capabilities requires professional knowledge, professional developers, and two SDKs at the same time, and the interfaces provided by the two manufacturers need to be technically aligned.

The advantages of ZEGOCLOUD’s “Audio and Video + Beauty Sticker” Integrated Solution

ZEGOCLOUD connect with a number of beauty filter suppliers to create “audio and video + beauty stickers” integrated solution. In terms of the solution architecture, the open interface of ZEGOCLOUD’s SDK throws out the audio and video data, then the beauty filter manufacturer processes the data. After these, ZEGOCLOUD’s SDK performs encoding and streaming to realize the beauty filter and dynamic sticker live broadcast.


  1. Integrate a number of beauty filter providers, with complete capabilities, and can quickly follow the latest hot trends in the industry;
  2. Align the audio and video interfaces with the beauty interface, support the docking of multiple data formats, and make the technical realization more convenient.

ZEGOCLOUD “audio and video + beauty stickers” integrated solution has been applied to many pan-entertainment live broadcast and online education platforms. In order to allow customers to quickly realize the beauty filter function, ZEGOCLOUD provides the best source code for ready-to-use, instant access use.

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