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Integrated Solution(2): Interactive Whiteboard

Integrated Solution(2): Interactive Whiteboard

In the Internet industry which emphasizing the rapid iteration, more and more platforms are docking with third parties to shorten the R&D cycle in addition to self-developed technologies. Based on this, ZEGOCLOUD is centered on Real-Time Audio and Video tech, and cooperates with upstream and downstream technology providers to provide an integrated solution of “Audio and Video +”. Allowing Customers to integrate multiple functions at one time. This article will introduce interactive whiteboard.

Advantages of the “Audio and Video +” Integrated Solution.

  1. Multi-party selection, complete capabilities, stable and reliable Technolog ZEGOCLOUD’s “Audio and Video +” solution can be quickly selected according to the needs of industry and customers, and flexibly connected to third parties. It can also be connected to multiple suppliers as an alternative for a certain function and achieve stable and high availability of technology and services.
  2. Turn the tripartite joint modulation to two-party docking, make the integrated access faster and more efficient.Customers only need to access ZEGOCLOUD services to achieve Real-Time Audio and Video functions, without multiple selections and repeated tests. Efficient and Convenient to reduce the cost of business, R&D and maintenance.
  3. Multi-party integration to reduce repetitive billing and user costs.ZEGOCLOUD constructs the connection between customer and the third party to help customers optimize the product structure, avoid repeated “wheel-making” in development, and reduce multiple billings and the user’s cost of use.

ZEGOCLOUD’s “Audio and Video +” integrated solution has accomplished the integration of content review, beautification stickers, interactive whiteboard and other functions.

Previously, we have introduced Content Review integrated solution, Click Here to review. Today, we introduce the second article of ZEGOCLOUD’s “Audio and Video +” integrated solution: Interactive Whiteboard. 

Multi-application Scenarios for Interactive Whiteboards

The interactive whiteboard achieves real-time interaction and enabling multi-person sharing operations through document transcoding and real-time synchronization of trajectories. Maybe this definition is too abstract, we will use following scenarios to help you understand what the interactive whiteboard can do:

  • In online classrooms, in addition to explaining the teaching content, the teacher will also issue answer sheets to test students’ learning effects by answering questions;
  • In a video conference, one party will give a PPT presentation and the other party at the far end can also mark the content on the PPT;
  • On social apps, users in the room can quickly become active through the “you draw and I guess” mini game.

In these scenarios, issuing answer sheets, PPT annotations, and drawing or guessing can all be achieved through the interactive whiteboard.

Technical difficulties of interactive whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard is responsible for the real-time transmission of special content (documents, tracks, etc.). The interactive whiteboard and real-time audio and video can be interconnected to achieve better interactive effects. Then, what are the technical difficulties in the intercommunication between the two:

  • Interactive whiteboard and real-time audio and video synchronization. The interactive whiteboard is transmitted through the signaling channel, while the real-time audio and video use the streaming media channel, which makes the content of the whiteboard always arrive before the audio and video. Take the interactive classroom as an example. When the teacher is explaining the topic, there will be a situation of “the answer appears first before the voice.”
  • Retaining the animation effects of PPT. When sharing documents such as Word, PDF, PPT, etc., they will be converted to picture format, but this will show a static document, which will cause the losing of animation effect in the PPT.
  • Synchronous recording of interactive whiteboard and real-time audio and video. During recording, the audio and video part can be completed through the recording SDK, but the content of the whiteboard cannot be recorded directly. At the same time, since the whiteboard and audio and video are transmitted through different channels, it is easy to appear that the whiteboard is not synchronized with the audio and video content during recording.

Advantage of ZEGOCLOUD’s “Audio and Video +Interactive Whiteboard” 

ZEGOCLOUD integrated third-party interactive whiteboard capabilities to provide drawing tools such as selection, pencil, rectangle, eraser, text, etc., and support highly concurrent interaction in large classes, and meets customers’ multiple needs for interactive whiteboard. In response to the above technical difficulties, ZEGOCLOUD has made breakthroughs one by one:

  • Real-time synchronization of audio, video and interactive whiteboard content. On one hand, we reduced the delay of audio and video transmission and shorten the time difference with the whiteboard; on the other hand, we automatically adjusted the whiteboard transmission time through algorithms to realize the synchronization of audio, video and whiteboard. 
  • Converting PPT courseware to HTML, retaining the animation effect. By converting PPTX format files into web services, the documents are dynamic converting and the sequence animation in the ppt file are retained, and the switching control function is provided. Simply click to switch the playback order of the files.
  • Achieved the synchronous recording of interactive whiteboard and audio and video. ZEGOCLOUD’s solution opens up the recording interface of the interactive whiteboard to realize the recording of the whiteboard content. Since the whiteboard and audio and video come from different transmission channels, we align the time of the two before merging and recording, so that the recording content is consistent with the live sequence.

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