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Lowering the Bar for Creators: AI Voice Changer Unlock Endless Possibilities

Lowering the Bar for Creators: AI Voice Changer Unlock Endless Possibilities

In the booming market of live streaming and voice chat, the current interactive gameplay is already unable to meet the growth needs of applications. Finding new real-time interactive growth models has become a new direction that application companies are actively seeking. In the process of serving customers, ZEGOCLOUD is also constantly exploring new gameplay and achieving win-win situations with customers.

We have found that the integration of voice changer, which is already very popular in asynchronous scenarios, into our real-time interactive scenarios can create new growth potential. With the vivid and ultra-low latency AI voice changing tool, we have helped the customer of live streaming applications achieve over 10% monthly growth. For details about the integration and usage processes, see our development document.

How much fun will AI voice changer combined with real-time interactive scenarios be? In this article, we will dive deeper to uncover the answers.

AI Voice Changer + Live Stream

In current live streaming rooms, interactive gameplay is limited and there is a high degree of homogeneity, resulting in a lack of novelty for users and difficulty in increasing the interaction and tipping conversion rate.

However, by incorporating AI voice-changing gameplay into live streams, it brings a lot of fun to the streaming room.

Live stream audience “trolling” the host with voice changes

Viewers can purchase “Voice Changer Gifts” to make the host’s voice suddenly switch to a different tone while they’re talking. Through this “prank” on the host, users create a new interactive gameplay between themselves and the host, taking the atmosphere in the live streaming room to new heights.

Compared to traditional gifts, “Voice Changer Gifts” are more interactive and entertaining, making it easier to motivate viewers to “pay for the fun” and increase the conversion rate of payments. However, excessive voice changer gifts can disrupt audio-visual synchronization and cause overlapping or missing words. Leveraging its technical advantages in real-time interactive fields, we ensure “audio-visual synchronization” and seamless switching between various voices, avoiding any issues with missing or overlapping words.

In addition, during the interactive PK segment, some hosts may lack expressive punishment performances when they lose, which can undermine the effectiveness and lead to audience fatigue and disengagement.

Introducing voice change penalties for the losing side in PK battles can lead to entertaining voice transformations (e.g. female host to “Shin-chan” or “rough man”) in subsequent broadcasts, driving viewer engagement and stimulating host PK activity – a win-win cycle.

This “voice skin” approach also lowers the barrier for presenters, allowing them to go live without the burden of having a perfect voice. They can even use interesting and novel voices to create unique live content that engages viewers.

There are even more novel gameplay options emerging:

  • Limited edition voice changer gifts for holidays/popular themes, such as well-known cartoon character voices on Children’s Day.
  • Provide voice libraries that match the appearance of virtual streamers.
  • Anonymous Caller: Anonymous avatar + anonymous voice-changing gameplay.
  • Customized voices for top streamers, catering to influencer operations.

AI Voice Changer + Live Audio Room

In live audio rooms, new users often worry about their voice sounding “strange,” preventing free self-expression. Existing users with strong self-expression needs may find current “messing around” methods unsatisfying.

“Voice Changer Gifts” can help reduce the barriers for new users to join voice calls, thereby increasing the participation rate. Voice changing can boost user engagement, retention, and activity in audio chat rooms. By simply tapping a button, users can instantly use “voice skins” – no learning curve, easy to get started.

Particularly in specialized live audio rooms, voice skins can enhance the thematic connection of the room. For example, in a “Werewolf” themed audio chat room, adding “werewolf” or “god” voice effects can create a more immersive experience. With over 100+ high-quality voice options, the AI voice changer can easily match various themes.

ai voice changer functional interface

We are featuring more original voice-changing gameplay into live audio rooms:

  • Theme-based character voices: For example, in a rap-themed room, providing users with signature “rapper” voice skins to use when speaking.
  • Popular event/holiday voices: For example, offering limited-time use of voice skins based on couples from Korean dramas or anime on Valentine’s Day.
  • Voice mystery boxes: Users receive a random voice skin when they pick up the mic, or the available voice options rotate periodically.
  • Special host voice effects: Offers a selection of magnetic, low-pitched voice skins tailored to the host or moderator of the room.

ZEGOCLOUD’s Technical Advantages

  1. Lower Latency:
  • Ultra-low latency solution
  • Highly adaptable to real-time scenarios
  1. More Natural:
  • AI algorithms restore the natural human voice
  • Lively and realistic
  1. Abundant Voicepacks:
  • Flexible selection of 100+ voice-packs
  • Support for customized voice-packs
  1. Faster Integration:
  • 5-line code integration
  • Support for PC & mobile
  • Easily change voices with one click

ZEGOCLOUD has explored new scenarios and benefits with RTC+AI. We are always keen to share innovative breakthroughs with our customers and partners. In the future, we will continue to share development and look forward to the emergence of new benefits together.

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