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The Chinese company Cheetah launched on April 2016. This app is currently the highest live-streaming platform of the IOS App Store in the US for both downloads and revenue. It broadcast more than 200,000 hours a day, and counts more than 20 million users. Users shared gifts more than 800 million times, collecting more than 2 billion likes.

These numbers are still growing, and there is still much room for growth for A growth excellently supported by

Business Challenges for

The network conditions in the global market vary and often do not guarantee a smooth experience. Users may encounter poor definitions of video or freeze in live broadcasts.


ZEGOCLOUD SDK enables companies to build Interactive Live Streaming and reach millions globally.

It has optimized a set of automatic adjustment technologies to ensure the fluency, the desired bit rate of the application, and the resolution, and ultimately achieve a smooth viewing user experience., which takes the United States as the first target market for its products, relies on ZEGOCLOUD’s stable services to get the growth of users.

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