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10 Popular Hyper Casual Games

10 Popular Hyper Casual Games

Mobile gaming is universally enjoyed regardless of the device’s technical specifications. While modern smartphones excel at running graphically intensive games, several hyper-casual games are catering to users with mid or low-range devices. These games offer enjoyable experiences without putting pressure on hardware resources. This article will explain what are hyper-casual games and how you can monetize them.

What Are Hyper-Casual Games?

Hyper-casual games are highly accessible mobile games because they are free to download. Their easy gameplay makes them enjoyable for players of varying ages and skill levels, providing a casual smartphone gaming experience. Additionally, these games are structured to accommodate short play sessions to cater to users who prefer gaming in brief intervals.

For this reason, players utilize these games to pass their time while waiting or commuting. You can also make money from these games using two methods, including advertising and in-app purchases. Hyper-casual game monetization through advertising is a major source of income for developers.

The Popularity of Such Games in the Current Digital Landscape

If talking about what makes these games so popular, we can give credit to their accessibility and bite-sized entertainment. With simple rules and minimal learning curves, anyone can pick them up and start playing almost instantly. Other than that, the monetization factor plays a big role in the popularity of hyper-causal games, as it allows developers to earn a hefty amount of money.

Plus, hyper-casual games perfectly fit the mobile gaming landscape, where short play sessions are the norm. You do not have to spend hours and hours learning the basics of these games. All you have to do is install these games on your mobile and start having fun with them immediately.

The Risks Associated with These Casual Games

Irrespective of their popularity, hyper-casual games have certain risks that can greatly affect developers’ earnings. The biggest factor is their short-live engagement due to their simple mechanics and repetitive nature. So, players can quickly become bored and move on to other games, leading to low player retention. Plus, the market is already saturated with such games, so there are fewer chances to stand out.

The hyper-casual games monetization is heavily dependent on advertising, so developers may focus on adding more ads. Therefore, it will eventually lead to poor user experience for the gamers. Other than that, there is a potential risk of addiction associated with such mobile games.

Why Are Hyper-Casual Games Popular With Developers?

You don’t have to worry after reading about the potential risks associated with this kind of game. They have a lot to offer when it comes to the financial benefits to the developers. The following are some of the reasons why hyper-casual games have become a hit among developers:

  • Short Development Cycles: Such games often require less time for the development process, allowing developers to release new hyper-casual games frequently. So, this rapid turnover has the potential for greater visibility and success in the competitive market.
  • Mass Appeal: Regardless of the age or skills of the player, anyone can play these games with ease. As a result of this mass appeal, developers can experience high downloads on their gaming apps.
  • Monetization Opportunities: The hyper-casual games monetization models largely depend on the ads. For this purpose, developers can put reward-based ad videos on their games to compel the audience to watch the advertisement.
  • Integration into Social Applications: Developers can easily integrate these games into social applications to engage with the audience. To do so, they can utilize ZEGOCLOUD MiniGame SDKs and APIs to earn revenue through live streams and video chats.

10 Best Hyper Casual Games You Will Like

Upon getting knowledge about what is a hyper-casual game, you must be intrigued to know the best games out there. For your ease, we have compiled a list of such games to let you enjoy your free time. So, go over this list to choose the best hyper-casual game for a fun gaming experience.

1. Hunter Assassin

Platforms: Android, iOS

With over a hundred million downloads, this hyper-casual game has a special place in the hearts of the players due to its fast-paced gameplay. This game takes strategic players on an adventure to kill multiple enemies with a knife. Moreover, you have to complete several missions and collect rewards to proceed in the game. While playing this game, you can unlock several characters to make the gameplay even more interesting.

hyper casual games - huter assassin

2. Candy Crush Saga

Platforms: Android, iOS

Almost everyone has played Candy Crush once in their lifetime, reflected in the number of downloads of this game. It is a simple-to-play hyper-casual game where you have to match and pop candies to proceed. Plus, you have to be quick and vigilant while playing this game, as a timer will always be ticking to give a sense of emergency. All in all, this has made its name the most popular three-puzzle game to ever exist.

what are hyper casual games - candy crush saga

3. Bridge Race

Platforms: Android, iOS

Bridge Race is one of the best mobile racing games, with over a thousand levels to keep you engaged. Other than that, players have to build bridges by collecting blocks in specified colors. This game allows you to play with 80+ characters to deliver a fully personalized experience. Plus, gamers are allowed to track their progress with a clear road map, which allows them to replay any level.

what is a hyper casual game - bridge race

4. Helix Jump

Platforms: Android, iOS

If you like to play 3D arcade games, Helix Jump is perfect for you, with a thrilling experience. To proceed in this hyper-casual game, players have to smash and bounce their way through a revolving platform. While dropping like a ball, you will have to find your way through multiple obstacles with proper strategy. Moreover, its gameplay is pretty addictive and will compel gamers to return daily.

hyper casual games monetization - helix jump

5. Attack Hole – Black Hole Games

Platforms: Android, iOS

This hyper-casual game is an eating simulator that you can enjoy in solo or multiplayer mode. During the game, you can start as a wormhole to eat the bullets fired by enemies. As you progress, you can upgrade to become a black hole to eat as many bullets as you can to defeat the big boss. At the end of the game, you will compete against strong enemies in the chaotic corn hole game.

what is hyper casual games - attack hole

6. Fun Race 3D – Run and Parkour

Platforms: Android, iOS

Fun Race 3D provides gamers with an action-filled experience via its exciting gameplay. This game successfully combines parkour and racing aspects to deliver a thrill-packed adventure. In addition, you have to go through multiple obstacles, including hammers and giant balls, to win the race against the competitors. To express their style and personality, players get to choose characters with different body types and attributes, which are further customizable.

hyper casual games - fun race 3d

7. Fruit Ninja

Platforms: Android, iOS

If you want to know more about what are hyper-casual games, Fruit Ninja provides a perfect depiction of such games. Its straightforward swipe and cut gameplay made it an instant favorite for gamers. While playing this game, you can slice fruits with a sharp blade in three modes. However, gamers have to be careful to avoid bombs while cutting the fruits to keep on playing for higher scores.

what are hyper casual games - fruit ninja

8. Crossy Road

Platforms: Android, iOS

Crossy Road allows players to endlessly hop through roads, rivers, and trains for a fun experience. Within this hyper-casual game, you can enjoy over 28 worlds with a rare arcade style. Also, there are 300+ characters available in a silly design to deliver a chill gaming experience to the gamers. Other than that, this game often celebrates special events with several character giveaways.

what is a hyper casual game - crossy road

9. Color Switch

Platforms: Android, iOS

Players wanting to enjoy reflex-based games will have a fun time playing Color Switch. While playing this game, players can pass through the obstacles with the help of color matching. Moreover, it has thousands of levels to play, which contributes to making this game highly addictive. Besides that, the vibrant colors and animation of the characters will deliver a visually engaging gaming environment.

hyper casual games monetization - color switch

10. Join Clash 3D

Platforms: Android, iOS

Join Clash 3D is a survival hyper-casual game that requires users to compete their way to the end of the race. Players can gather their own gang while on the run to fight against the rival gang. Furthermore, you will face moving or expanding obstacles that will increase the thrill of the run. At the end of the game, you will have one final clash to capture the castle.

what is hyper casual games - join clash 3d

How Can ZEGOCLOUD Integrate Hyper-Casual Games in Other Apps?

Developers spend their time creating such games to enjoy the hyper-casual game monetization potential. However, we are going to introduce you to one such way that can change the way you earn financial benefits from these games. ZEGOCLOUD MiniGameEngine provides developers with chat SDKs and APIs, live streaming SDKs and APIs to allow them to integrate these kinds of games into social platforms to earn revenue.

If a developer decides to utilize these APIs and SDKs for game integration into social apps, they can make money through live streams and 1-on-1 chats. Furthermore, these SDKs/APIs allow developers to control the coins spent by viewers during the game to regulate coin flow. Plus, you can make hyper-casual games accessible to players worldwide via the language management functionality of ZEGOCLOUD MiniGame SDK.

Key Features

  • ZEGOCLOUD MiniGameEngine provides several gaming modes for integration into communication and other third-party applications.
  • These SDKs/APIs are compatible with every kind of smartphone, from high to low-end. So, integrating these lightweight games into apps really helps developers earn financial benefits.
  • Other than that, developers can take advantage of token-based authentication to deliver excellent security measures. With this system, they can prevent risks associated with unmonitored permissions and operations.


After understanding what is a hyper-casual game, you know how developers earn money through them. Moreover, you are now familiar with the top games available in this category. Taking benefit from all this knowledge, budding developers can integrate these hyper-casual games into third-party apps to gain financial benefits. For this purpose, ZEGOCLOUD provides MiniGame SDKs and APIs for easy and secure operation.

zegocloud sdk

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