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How To Implement The Goose Goose Duck’s Voice Call Mode

How To Implement The Goose Goose Duck’s Voice Call Mode

Goose Goose Duck’s Voice Call Mode allows players to communicate differently, increasing the game’s entertainment and communication.

The Rapidly Spreading Voice Social Game

Kim Taehyung, also known as V and a member of the famous band BTS, has recently started streaming the popular game “Goose Goose Duck” on the Reverse platform. His fans quickly downloaded the game, and seeing its popularity grow is exciting. V began streaming the game more frequently last October, which led to a slight increase in concurrent players. However, in December last year, the game consistently drew over 130,000 concurrent players, breaking its previous record. Since then, the game has continued to gain popularity.

Goose Goose Duck is centered on communication, making this game spread and develop rapidly like a virus. As of January 6, 2023, the number of concurrent games has quickly reached 600,000.

In-game Voice Call Mode

In-game Goose Goose Voice Call Mode

Range voice is the most commonly used voice communication method in games. In-game range voice gives the good distance and direction in the game. Players can judge the distance and direction of other players from themselves through the sound so that players can also have a call experience of actual events in the game. In Goose Goose Duck, players can find players who trust each other to form a team on the map using the In-game range voice ability during Voice Call Mode.

ZEGOCLOUD SDK enables Voice Call Mode

ZEGOCLOUD SDK’s Range Voice Capability for game scenarios allows you to quickly introduce a range voice call mode in the game. Save a lot of time for your game development.

AI noise reduction

In voice games, AI noise reduction is a must. Players will play games in different environments, and intense game operations will be accompanied by keyboard operation sounds. If there is no AI noise reduction capability, the game experience of voice social games such as Goose Goose Duck will be significantly reduced.

ZEGOCLOUD SDK provides AI noise reduction capability, effectively eliminating mouse, keyboard, knocking, air conditioner, environmental wind noise, and other noises.

Joining multiple rooms

joining multiple rooms

The game’s most challenging thing to deal with in Goose Goose Duck is the different call modes. For example, dead players can talk to each other, and at the same time, they can switch to other player events and listen to his range voice. Players in the pelican’s stomach can also talk to each other and hear the sound of the pelican nearby. If you manage these sounds’ propagation, it will be an extremely complicated job.

ZEGOCLOUD SDK can join multiple rooms, dividing the sound into different rooms. Players can listen to the sound of any room and enter the corresponding room. If they need sounds from multiple groups, they only need to join multiple rooms. You just need to do an excellent job of grouping the sounds. ZEGOCLOUD helps you manage sound transmission.


We suppose you also want to create a voice social game similar to Goose Goose Duck. In that case, ZEGOCLOUD SDK can give you powerful voice communication capabilities, allowing you to easily create voice social games with various gameplays.

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