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10 Best Full Body Avatar Creators

10 Best Full Body Avatar Creators

Following the current trend, making a full-body avatar of yourself is a new cool for many youngsters and adults worldwide. It not only provides an opportunity to show your creative skills but also allows you to have fun and entertainment for illustrating yourself within desired personalization. In this article, you will find the 10 best full body avatar creator apps.

10 Best Full Body Avatar Makers

When it comes to making a full-body avatar, the internet is filled with a range of applications, all claiming to be the best. Nonetheless, finding the most appropriate option is challenging for a user. Well, in order to figure out this situation, we have listed the top 10 avatar creator full-body apps.

1. 3D Avatar Creator, Emoji Maker (Bemoji)

Creating a stunning full-body avatar is now easier, smarter, and more effective with Bemoji’s realistic full-body avatar creator. This avatar creator is unique in its kind, thanks to its extraordinary AR camera that ideally records and tracks your movement to craft a perfect avatar. You can re-organize your avatar in a specific attire using different apparel items and unlimited hairstyle options.

In fact, you can also design animated stickers and emojis to make your full-body avatar more interesting. Despite all its advancements, 3D Avatar Creator, Emoji Maker (Bemoji) is currently unavailable for iOS users.

2. Pose Maker Pro

Making an excellent pose for a picture or an album does sound complicated, especially if you’re not used to it. Well, let your full-body avatar handle the pose for you and impose a wow effect on the people around you. The iconic Pose Maker Pro allows you to create, style, and design avatars and transforms your avatar to establish the perfect standing pose you need.

With its range of customizations in clothes and hairstyles, alongside the facility for setting facial expressions. Moreover, this full-body avatar creator creates an inspiring story with special characters.

3. Avatoon

Avatoon can be your full-body avatar maker that can help you determine how cool and unique you are, even in the animated world. This avatar creator comprises a powerful facial recognition ability that quickly scans your face and drafts a cartoon version of your complete body. You can further edit your avatar within multiple customization tools ranging from clothes, hairstyle, body shape, etc.

In addition, you also have the option to create a snapshot of yourself alongside an opportunity to set a suitable background. After that, you can update your profile picture on social media accounts.

4. Bitmoji

Although creating a full-body avatar may sound like a time-consuming process, Bitmoji makes one for yourself in a quick interval. Simply take a selfie of your complete body, and Bitmoji will process your picture to make a stunning avatar. For further personalization on your new avatar, you can access tools to edit hair color and style, edit facial expressions, and try different outfits to realize your dream looks.

Besides creating an avatar, Bitmoji also allows you to develop your own stickers that could be integrated into your avatar itself. Moreover, you can also share the stickers with your friends and relatives.

5. The Sims Mobile

Developed by EA Sports, The Sims Mobile is a special game that utilizes avatars in order to represent different players in the Sims world. Consequently, every player has to design their full-body avatar before taking part in the gaming arena. With this realistic full-body avatar creator, you can apply distinct outfits, appearances, hairstyles, and personality traits to your character.

Apart from that, you also leverage an option to create your own house in the Sims world with unique furniture and decorations. Not to forget, your avatar could also communicate with other avatars using fictional Simlish language.


Taking avatar creation to the next level, ZEPETO is a specialized full-body avatar creator that is developed by SNOW Corp. This tool is also a utility where you cannot only manage and create your 3D avatars but also communicate with other characters in an animated world. Thanks to its support for infinite avatar customization, you can style and design your avatar in the way your want, as per your requirements.

In the ZEPETO digitally immersive world, you can make friends and ultimately establish avatar relationships. Also, complete missions to earn credits for your avatar and display your amazing self.

7. vTag

With vTag, create and share your 3D avatar moments exclusively with friends and close ones. This realistic full body avatar creator is dedicated to designing your full-body avatars in 3D while utilizing the body’s expressions, movements, style, and voice. Moreover, you can make your avatar as a vMe individual, where you can adjust your style, looks, and facial expressions and apply backgrounds or 3D animations.

Using vTag is straightforward because of its highly intuitive visual layout. However currently, it’s only accessible on iOS devices, but soon it may also be present on Android.

8. Lolita Avatar: Anime Avatar Ma

Being an anime fan, who would not want to be an anime himself? Although it isn’t possible in the real world, it’s definitely a possibility by using the Lolita Avatar: Anime Avatar Ma. This avatar creator full body app helps you to create an anime avatar of yourself in no time. Select an anime avatar that looks similar to you, and perform unique anime customizations using clothes, hairstyles, and expressions.

Furthermore, with its standout colors and simple tool navigations, Lolita Avatar: Anime Avatar Ma is for every anime lover, regardless of age. Use this application today to bring your diehard fan moment.


Are you a social media influencer that is looking to create a full-body 3D avatar to update your profile and surprise your followers? BOOO is your trusted realistic full-body avatar creator. This app utilizes an augmented reality feature to turn your pictures into a unique cartoon-styled full avatar. While creating an avatar, you can adjust hair style and colors, customize skin tones, edit eye colors, and use makeup options.

Apparently, you can create special stickers and emojis to visualize your avatar in a better way. So next time, enlighten your social media profiles with futuristic full-body avatars from BOOO.

10. Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular social media app where billions of users hang out while sharing their snaps, stories, and avatars with their friends. Moreover, the platform provides dedicated support to create your full-body 3D avatar, which you can display on your profile or share with friends and family. Interestingly, you can edit your avatar by changing outfits, adjusting backgrounds and poses, or setting facial expressions.

With its easy-to-understand GUI (Graphical User Interface), Snapchat brings fun and entertainment to all age groups. The application is fully secure concerning the handling of your data privacy.

How to Make Avatar with ZEGOCLOUD

Creating an avatar of yourself is a unique way to express your creative character, which makes you look cool and great; probably why people are absolutely obsessed with full-body avatars. Although, developing a full-body avatar creator app isn’t a difficult task to proceed. However, to save precious time and money as a creator, utilize ZEGOCLOUD’s Virtual Avatar SDK for this purpose.

With the following SDK, you can efficiently build an app that supports realistic full-body avatar creation. Henceforth, this allows the users to take pictures or use selfies to convert them into 3D animated avatars effortlessly. Meanwhile, it also provides access to apply unique customizations on the selected avatar.

What Makes the ZEGOCLOUD a Popular Virtual Avatar SDK?

ZEGOCLOUD is the industry-leading API/SDK tool that leverages its users with hassle-free avatar integrations while allowing them to submerge in the world of fantastic full-body avatars comprehensively. Below are some of the features to assist:

  • Real-Time Face Detection: With the availability of powerful facial recognition ability, ZEGOCLOUD produces a quick 3D avatar of yourself by capturing and mirroring real-time facial expressions.
  • Synchronizing with Speech Detection: ZEGOCLOUD’s Virtual Avatar SDK can effectively captures and records the speech of the user in order to derive similar facial expressions and mouth movements. All the process is executed in a real-time scenario.
  • Unlimited Customizations: The built-in accessories and items like clothes, shoes, caps, and other apparel items allow you to personalize your avatar in required top-to-bottom attire. Also, you can set facial expressions and body movements as needed.
  • Fully Complaint: For an avatar, people are required to provide their image or appear live. ZEGOCLOUD carefully handles and manages its users’ private data since it leverages advanced security protocols while being GDPR compliant.

Simple and Easy Steps to Create a Full Body Avatar App with ZEGOCLOUD

Already, we have discovered what exactly ZEGOCLOUD is capable of in a broad spectrum of the avatar-animated world. Now follow these simple and easy steps to create your full-body avatar apps.

Step 1: Open ZEGOCLOUD, Sign-up, and Login

From your web browser, search and open ZEGOCLOUD’s website. If you don’t have an account, sign up and log in to the “Overview” panel, after which click on the “+” icon to create a new project.

Step 2: Choose your Desired Use Case

From the available screen, you need to choose your desired use case depending on your needs. There are, in total, 12 options to select from. After choosing a particular use case, press the “Next” button from the screen’s bottom. Now add a name for your project, and select “Start with UIKits” to proceed with app initialization.

Step 3: Select Required Framework and Adjust Configuration

You’re now required to select the framework for your application within iOS and Android. Afterward, you will head into the UI configuration screen, where you’ve to configure the UI of your app. After selecting the desired UI, press the “Save and Start to Integrate” button.

Step 4: Enable the Service for Virtual Avatars

Following this, click on “Project Management” from the screen’s left side and choose your newly created project from the “My Projects” menu. After opening the selected project, navigate into the “Service Management” category and proceed to the “Virtual Avatar” option. This is where you can now activate the ZEGOCLOUD Virtual Avatar service.


Working on personalized avatars is a perfect way to establish your digital presence and spend your leisure time in a fun and entertaining environment. Currently, there are many apps that users can access on both iOS and Android to make full-body avatars. On the other hand, if you’re looking to build your full-body avatar creator, ZEGOCLOUD Virtual Avatar SDK is a perfect solution.

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