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Tamatem Teams Up with ZEGOCLOUD to Transform Connections

Tamatem Teams Up with ZEGOCLOUD to Transform Connections

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tamatem Inc., the premier mobile games publisher in the Arabic-speaking market, has launched Wanas, a gaming and social app fostering solid social connections through voice-based gaming. The app is powered by ZEGOCLOUD’s Voice Call SDK and Interactive Gaming Solution.

To meet MENA’s social gaming demand, Wanas aims to offer players the opportunity to meet new people, create chat rooms, share their thoughts, and explore new interests while featuring the popular strategy board game, Ludo. “With Wanas, our vision is to create a thriving community where players can connect, communicate, and enjoy their favourite games together, fostering meaningful relationships and memorable experiences in the gaming world.” said Abdullah Bustami, Product Manager of Tamatem.

“We build Wanas with two focuses,” continued Abdullah, “realism in voice chat and social bonds.” To guarantee a seamless and captivating gaming experience, namely mimicking the offline Ludo experience, for its users, Tamatem sought the assistance of an experienced and reliable Real-Time Interaction services provider, ZEGOCLOUD. The app requires cross-platform compatibility, comprehensive voice chat room functionality, excellent audio quality, and high concurrency support.


With years of experience serving other Ludo apps, ZEGOCLOUD simplifies the integration of voice chat functionality with its Unity API encapsulated Voice Call SDK. Additional features include:

  • Uninterrupted gaming experience.
  • User friendly dashboard.
  • Crystal-clear voice.
  • A live atmosphere with sound effects.
  • Multi-faceted support throughout the customer journey.

“ZEGOCLOUD’s solution played a critical role in the rapid development and launch of Wanas. The seamless integration of voice chat functionality and excellent audio quality has resulted in a captivating and uninterrupted gaming experience for our users.” added Abdullah.

About Tamatem Inc.

Tamatem is the leading mobile games publisher in the MENA region with more than 150 million game downloads since its launch in 2013. It also extends expertise in game design, marketing, social media, distribution, data analytics, monetization, and community support to its partners.


ZEGOCLOUD revolutionizes virtual engagement with real-time interaction services for hassle-free cloud communication, connecting enterprises, teams, customers, and users. It lays the groundwork for businesses and developers to build RTI into their apps across the mobile internet and the metaverse.

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