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Adapting Ancient Astrology: Unveiling the Power in Modern Technology

Adapting Ancient Astrology: Unveiling the Power in Modern Technology

Astrology is of great importance in India. Since ancient times—Vedic period (~5000 BC) , the people of India have regarded astrology as part of their cultural and religious tradition and have applied it to various aspects of life.

According to a report by Expert Market Research, the Indian religious and spiritual market reached a value of $44 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% during the forecast period of 2023-2028. According to another report by IMARC Group, the Indian religious and spiritual market size reached $54.1 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $97.2 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.32% during 2023-2028.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has helped boost the astrological market. Concerned about their health and well-being, individuals turned to astrologers for clarity and guidance. People are turning to virtual platforms for astrological insights as restrictions limit physical interactions, boosting app engagement. This led to increased profits for the market.

The Evolution of the Astrology Industry’s Communication Methods

There are generally several ways of communication in the astrology industry as below:

  1. Face-to-face communication: It is the most common way. The astrologer and the client communicate directly face-to-face, by observing facial expressions, body language, etc. to get information.
  2. Correspondence: Sometimes, the astrologer and clients may communicate through letters. The advantage of this is that the questions can be more carefully thought out and answered, but the time delay makes the communication less efficient.
  3. Telephone communication: The telephone makes communication convenient, and it also overcomes geographical limitations.
  4. Online communication: Online platforms, such as chat software and video calls, engage users with the astrologer with social features such as live streaming, discussion forums, user-generated content, and friendship compatibility ratings. This method is suitable for remote divination and facilitates cross-country communication.

Why is Ancient Astrology Embracing Modern Technology?

  1. Impact of Globalization: Astrology has transcended borders through the internet and globalization. Modern communication technologies enable global interaction and knowledge sharing, allowing people to consult astrologers worldwide.
  2. Enhanced Accessibility and Convenience: Using modern technology, astrologers can provide online astrology services using internet platforms, mobile applications, etc., and clients can consult and divine anytime and anywhere. This saves time and energy and improves the convenience and efficiency of the service.
  3. Improved Accuracy: Modern technology can provide astrology software and calculation tools to automatically perform data processing and chart drawing, reduce the occurrence of human errors, and improve the accuracy and precision of astrology.
  4. Precise and Personalized Services: By collecting customers’ personal information and data, combined with astrological software and algorithms, astrologers can provide customers with more accurate and targeted astrological analysis and predictions to meet their individual needs.
  5. Commercial Chances: The integration of astrology with technology has opened up new avenues for commercialisation. Astrologers and businesses can now offer their services online or through apps (i.e., Findastro) reaching a wider audience and capitalising on the demand for online astrological advice.

Empowering Astrology with RTI Technology

RTI (Real-Time Information) technology refers to the ability to collect and analyze data in real time. While RTI technology may not have a direct impact on the astrology industry, it can indirectly influence the industry in a number of ways:

1. Data collection: RTI technology can help astrologers collect and process vast amounts of data related to celestial events, planetary movements, and historical astrological patterns. This data can be the basis for the refinement of astrological interpretations and predictions.

2. Astrological applications and platforms: RTI technology can improve the functionality and accuracy of astrology applications and platforms. By integrating real-time data updates, these applications can provide users with up-to-date information on planetary positions and astrological influences.

3. Astrological consultations: RTI technology can facilitate real-time consultations between astrologers and clients. Through live streaming, astrologers can provide immediate guidance and answer client questions, increasing the convenience and accessibility of astrology consultations.

Before Entering a Booming Market

interface of the guruji app

Photo source: Google Play

With the global astrology market forecast to reach US$22.8 billion by 2031, the ancient art of astrology is once again in the spotlight. However, before the astrology market takes the modern step, there are some crucial technical aspects to consider.

  1. Integration With Existing Technology Platforms and Services.

Integration with platforms such as social media and online payment systems can provide users with a more convenient astrology experience and expand the company’s user base.

  1. The Accuracy of Data Analysis And Algorithms

Astrology companies need to ensure reliable and accurate data and algorithms for accurate astrological predictions and interpretations.

  1. User Interface and User Experience

Astrology companies should develop user interfaces that are easy to use and intuitive so that users can easily navigate and use astrology services. To attract and retain users, a good user experience is essential.

  1. Data Security and Privacy

To protect users’ data and prevent unauthorized access or misuse, appropriate security measures need to be in place.

In Conclusion

Integrating ancient astrology with modern technology not only brings more accurate and personalized predictions and guidance to astrologers and astrology enthusiasts, but also opens new prospects for astrology industry development.

However, staying abreast of technological developments and using advanced tools such as RTI technology to improve user experience is essential to succeed in this evolving industry.

In the fusion of ancient astrology and modern technology, the possibilities of a whole new field of astrology are being discovered. Through continuous exploration and innovation, a brighter future for the astrology industry is opening up, and insight and guidance can be brought to more people.

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