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Integrating Real-Time Audio/Video Into Your Applications

Integrating Real-Time Audio/Video Into Your Applications

ZEGOCLOUD Technology provides industry-leading cloud-based audio and video live streaming services. We are dedicated to helping you quickly integrate real-time audio and video capabilities into your mobile, desktop, and web applications. Here are the high-level steps of the integration process.

Before You Start Integrating

Before you start integrating our services, you may want to try out our demo apps to test the streaming performance and features of our platform. You can download the demo apps from our website for your testing.

Step 1: Create a ZEGOCLOUD Account and Obtain a ZEGO AppID

If you have not signed up with ZEGOCLOUD,  follow the instructions in the ZEGOCLOUD Admin Console User Manual to  create an account and get a ZEGOCLOUD AppID for your project.

Step 2: Download the ZEGOCLOUD SDK

Download the appropriate SDKs for the platforms you are targeting. Go to the SDK download page now.

Step 3: Start Building with the ZEGOCLOUD SDK

Now you can start building audio and video live streaming features with ZEGOCLOUD SDK. Visit our developer center to find the documents you need to understand how to use the SDK. We strongly recommend you start with the quick start guides and sample codes for the platforms you are targeting.

  • Quick Start Guides – Key steps to implement a live broadcast or a video call.
  • Sample Codes – Runnable code examples demonstrating different features of the SDK.
  • API Documents – Find APIs you need to build the features you want for all platforms

Step 4: Submit Go-live Request

After the development is completed and fully tested, you can prepare to go live. To allows us enough time to set up and verify the production environment for your application, please submit the go-live request through the ZEGOCLOUD Admin Console as soon as possible, at least one week before go-live (refer to section 6.3 in the ZEGOCLOUD Admin Console User Manual).

Step 5: Go Live

Once the production environment is configured and tested. Your apps can start using our live streaming services on the production environment.

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