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TTS Avatars Enter a New Era with AI Technology

TTS Avatars Enter a New Era with AI Technology

Have you ever interacted with AI+TTS Avatars? Probably yes, using the customer service of an online application or platform or playing your favorite video game.

AI+TTS Avatars are gaining popularity in healthcare, education, and entertainment because they give clients, patients, and students a more engaging and interactive experience. In this article, we explore this new growing reality and underpinning technologies and provide an overview of the innovative ZEGOCLOUD Avatar solution.

What is an AI+TTS Avatar?

An AI+TTS Avatar is a computer-generated virtual representation of a person that uses artificial intelligence and text-to-speech technology to interact with people. It comprises an AI element for understanding language and a 3D model resembling a genuine human. TTS technology gives the Avatar a more human-like voice using algorithms and natural language processing (NLP), allowing it to express emotions and empathy. Furthermore, these avatars can also speak various languages and dialects, making them an ideal choice for multinational corporations or businesses.

A growing market for AI+TTS Avatars

The COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the spread of virtual events, which saw the employment of AI+TTS avatars crucial to providing a more immersive experience. In 2021, the market for virtual events was worth USD 113,270.04 million and is projected to reach USD 592,912.25 million by 2028. Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google are examples of the growing popularity of AI+TTS avatars. The expansion of AI-based digital solutions is fueling market growth and opening doors for developers and companies utilizing AI technology.


Use cases of AI+TTS Avatars.

AI+TTS Avatars have effectively improved accessibility and communication, especially in industries such as telehealth, where they help foster communication between physicians and patients with hearing impairments, visual disabilities, or linguistic limitations.

Among other primary industries successfully adopting AI+TTS Avatars:

  • E-learning and training programs provide a more exciting and dynamic learning experience.
  • Entertainment industry ensures more immersive and engaging experiences like virtual storytellers or interactive audio tours.
  • Gaming offers players spoken instructions or feedback, boosting their overall gaming experience.
  • Language translation services, which provide verbal translations of texts in other languages, help people who speak various languages to converse more successfully.
  • Advertising creates more engaging and personalized adverts.

As technology advances, AI+TTS avatars have the potential to become increasingly lifelike, resulting in more innovative use cases and economic opportunities in the upcoming years.


While there are opportunities presented by adopting AI+TTS avatars, there are also challenges to consider.

Integrating AI+TTSAvatar into existing applications and systems can pose difficulties, especially if people did not consider it during the initial construction. Significant modifications to the user interface and underlying architecture are often necessary, along with additional testing and quality assurance. These changes may impact user acceptance, as some people may find AI+TTS avatars impersonal or obtrusive. To encourage adoption, it may be necessary to educate users on the benefits of this technology and address any concerns they may have, especially regarding privacy and security issues. AI+TTS avatars rely on data gathering and processing to function, so businesses must ensure responsible and ethical use to prevent illegal access.

Despite significant advancements, there are still challenges to the accuracy and dependability of AI+TTS avatars, particularly with regional dialects, background noise, or complicated language patterns. Additionally, adopting this technology can be costly and may be an entry barrier for smaller organizations. For this reason, mainly large corporations are quickly moving forward into digital transformation and integrating AI+TTS avatars into their services.

Real-time Communication and AI+TTS Avatars

Today, all our communication happens instantaneously thanks to modern real-time communication services and applications. AI+TTS Avatars are increasingly integrated into RTC applications, connecting these two technologies.

Virtual assistants and chatbots are more common on messaging platforms and customer service chat windows. They are essential tools for remote collaboration and teleconferencing. For instance, AI+TTS Avatars can transcribe and interpret live conversations, enable real-time document collaboration, and provide real-time translations. They can also support virtual networking sessions, creating a more immersive and participatory experience for guests during virtual events. Gaming enthusiasts use AI+TTS avatars daily for voiceovers and real-time communication during games.


Many predict how AI+TTS Avatars will dominate real-time communication as it upgrades into real-time interaction, hence more immersive and engaging. These technologies will be affected by the development of augmented reality, virtual reality, and natural user interfaces, prompting unique and fascinating uses across many industries. However, there are still limitations and hurdles to overcome.

People still prefer to engage with humans rather than machines and may be uneasy talking to AI+TTS avatars for customer assistance. Additionally, as previously mentioned, there may be worries about user data privacy and security and ethical questions about employing AI+TTS avatars in specific circumstances.

To create successful RTC and AI+TTS Avatar solutions, developers and companies should prioritize a positive user experience, continuously test and improve based on user feedback, consider individual use cases, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and collaborate with others in the field.

create your own Avatar

ZEGOCLOUD AI+TTS Avatar solution

A smooth and functional integration of AI+TTS Avatar to existing or newly established apps is possible thanks to the ready-to-use solutions provided by RTC and RTI vendors such as ZEGOCLOUD.

ZEGO Avatar SDK allows developers to easily incorporate a 3D Avatar maker into their apps, with features like automatic and manual avatar creation, facial expression mirroring, and voice modeling. The AR-powered Avatar SDK 2.0 enhances user immersion and includes improved animation and synchronization features. ZEGOCLOUD’s AI-powered TTS technology matches Avatar’s mouth shape and speaking manner for a realistic experience.

As a result, the ZEGO Avatar SDK 2.0 will be a must for developers to build unique and compelling virtual experiences for their customers.

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