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What is the Call Kit

Call Kit is a prebuilt feature-rich call component, which enables you to build one-on-one and group voice/video calls into your app with only a few lines of code. And it includes the business logic with the UI, you can add or remove features accordingly by customizing UI components.

When do you need the Call Kit

  • Build apps faster and easier
    • ​When you want to prototype 1-on-1 or group voice/video calls ASAP
    • Consider speed or efficiency as the first priority
    • Call Kit allows you to integrate in minutes
  • Customize UI and features as needed
    • When you want to customize in-call features based on actual business needs
    • Less time wasted developing basic features
    • Call Kit includes the business logic along with the UI, allows you to customize features accordingly

To finest-grained build a call app, you may try our Video Call SDK to make full customization.

Embedded features

  • Ready-to-use 1-on-1/group calls
  • Customizable UI styles
  • Real-time sound waves display
  • Device management
  • Switch views during a 1-on-1 call
  • Extendable menu bar
  • Participant list
  • Call invitation/Offline call invitation
  • Custom call ringtones
  • Screen sharing

Sample App

To implement a basic call swiftly, follow the steps:
QUICK START (basic call)
To implement a call with call invitation, follow the steps:
QUICK START (with call invitation)
To get the Sample Code:


Quick start