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Call Kit is a full-featured voice + video component, which enables one-on-one and group calls with just a few lines of code.

Once you integrate the Call Kit, you can embed it in any website or app, and you can also add or remove various in-call features by customizing parameters.

When do you need the Call Kit

If you want to integrate one-on-one or group voice/video calls ASAP and consider speed or efficiency as the first priority, then the Call Kit is your best choice:

  1. Adaptive to PCs and mobile devices, and handles complex network and device exceptions in a standard way, with no more complex concepts to be learned and understood.
  2. In-call features and UI effects can be customized by modifying parameters as needed.

If you want to highly customize your UI for more advanced use cases, you can make your customization based on the provided Call Kit open source code.

Embedded features

  • Out-of-the-box video chat interface
  • Customizable UI
  • Meeting invitation
  • Text chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Recording
  • Participant list & management
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Built-in bandwidth management
  • Auto network reconnection
  • Network analytics display
  • Customizable branding LOGO
  • Whiteboard
  • Call invitation
  • Landscape orientation
  • Virtual gifting

Sample App


I want to code online and check it in action:

Click below to try it online

Realtime Coding

I want to try a live demo (call without invitation)

LIVE DEMO (without invitation)
To finest-grained build a call, you may try antoher one:

Click the button below to get Call Kit SDK.

Video Call SDK

I want to try a live demo

LIVE DEMO (with invitation)

Getting started


Using html script