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What is the In-app Chat Kit

In-app Chat Kit is a UI component library based on the In-app Chat SDK. It provides general UI components, such as the chat list, one-on-one chat, and group chat. You can use IMKit to quickly build custom in-app chat application based on your actual business needs, eliminating the need for complex UI development processes.

When do you need the In-app Chat Kit

  • Build apps faster and easier

    • When you want to prototype in-app chat ASAP

    • Consider speed or efficiency as the first priority.

  • Customize UI and features as needed

    • When you want to customize the UI based on your actual business needs

    • Don't want to waste time developing basic features

If you want to achieve highly customized UI or build a finely-grained in-app chat application, you may try our In-app Chat SDK to make full customization.

Embedded features

  • One-on-one chat & group chat
  • Conversation list
  • Message list
  • Send text messages
  • Send & receive rich media messages (images and videos)
  • Customize UI

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