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  • Overview
  • Develop your app
    • Integrate the SDK
    • Implement a basic voice call
    • Enhance basic feature
      • Use Tokens for authentication
      • Set up common audio config
      • Check the room connection status
  • Upgrade using advanced features
  • Resources & Reference
    • SDK
    • Sample code
    • API reference
    • Debugging
    • FAQs
    • Key concepts


Last updated:2023-05-29 18:39

Voice Call is an outstanding real-time audio interactive service product that offers you convenient access, high-definition smoothness, multi-platform interoperability, low latency, and high concurrency audio and video services. This product can enable one-to-many, many-to-many real-time audio interactions, live shows, voice conferences, and other scenarios.

Use cases

  • Social: For many individuals, text chats may not feel sufficient, while video calls may feel overwhelming, but audio conversations are just right. With real-time voice chats, users tend to engage with each other for longer periods.
  • In-game voice: Incorporating real-time voice into your game allows players to interact in real-time while playing together, providing a more immersive experience. As gamer engagement improves, revenues will also increase.
  • Audio conferencing: Enable remote teams to collaborate effectively in real-time from anywhere through high-quality voice calls, enhancing productivity and communication.
  • IoT devices: By adding real-time voice capabilities to IoT devices, you can create a smarter and more convenient lifestyle, allowing for hands-free control of various devices.

To help you build a call app for the scenarios you want quickly, we also provide a Call Kit that contains the Demo call app and source sample code. For more details, see Call Kit Overview.

Why ZEGOCLOUD's Voice Call

Deliver interactive real-time voice with outstanding audio quality

  • Deliver high-fidelity real-time voice using 48kHz full-band audio sampling.
  • With industry-leading audio processing technologies, including acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic noise suppression (ANS), and automatic gain control (AGC), distracting echoes and background noises can be removed without compromising the audio quality.
  • Create an immersive audio experience by mixing background music, accompaniments, sound effects, or third-party audio sources.

Stay connected anywhere in the world

  • ZEGOCLOUD's real-time communications network covers more than 200 countries and regions, providing end-users worldwide with an outstanding real-time audio experience.
  • With sophisticated QoS strategies that take advantage of techniques such as adaptive jitter buffering (AJB) and forward error correction (FEC), ZEGOCLOUD provides stable and smooth real-time communications services even in weak network conditions where packet loss is up to 70%.
  • With an ultra-low latency of 200-300ms globally, making long-distance and international calls feels like speaking face-to-face.

Boost user engagement with fascinating audio effects

  • Make voice interactions more fun can engaging by adding voice beautification, voice changing, and other audio effects.
  • Add spatial effects to real-time audio to create a more immersive communication experience.
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