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Last updated:2023-04-17 18:54

What's the Video Call

ZEGOCLOUD's Video Call is a service that helps you build the most full-featured video experience into web and mobile applications. You can extend the SDK with a bunch of features, such as screen sharing, recording, or upgrading using an add-on to quickly integrate virtual avatars, instant messaging, and more.

Video Call allows much more fine-grained control over what's to be built, custom audio and video pre & post-processing, virtual stereo, 10K concurrent speakers, and way more for you to build your interactive video experiences as wanted.

When to use

To help you build a video app that you exactly want, we've got you two types of SDKs, covering all phases and all your considerations: the SDK and the UI Kit, these two get you all you need for building a video app in two ways.

Summary: If you are in the app feature development or feature upgrading phases and want the most control of your video app, the Video Call SDK is the Top Pick. When you are in the startup / trying phases, fund-seeking phase, or testing & POC phase and considering the budget issue, the Call Kit is your best choice to build an app in a short time.

What are the steps

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