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  • Live Streaming
  • Upgrade the livestream
  • Advanced features
  • Enhance the livestream
  • Share the screen

Share the screen

Last updated:2023-03-09 17:06


Screen sharing means that users share the screen content with other users in the room in the form of video during a video call or interactive live broadcast. It supports sharing the entire screen and sharing a specified window. For example, in an education scenario, teachers need to show the PPT on the desktop to the students in the room to watch, so as to improve communication efficiency.

This function is provided as a plug-in. For details, please refer to zego-express-engine-electron-plugin-screen-capture . As a plug-in of zego-express-engine-electron , the combination of the two can realize the screen sharing function.

Implementation Steps

Function Description Implementation Steps
Integrated plug-in Integrated screen capture plug-in Integration
Capture the entire screen Select a screen to capture Sharing Selected Screen
Collection specified window Select a window for collection Sharing Selected Window
Window Thumbnail Get the thumbnail to display to the img tag for easy selection of the collection target Window Thumbnails
Push Stream Sharing Push the collected screen or window data out Sharing Publish Streaming
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