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ZEGOCLOUD Upgrades to Real-Time Interaction

<strong>ZEGOCLOUD Upgrades to Real-Time Interaction</strong>

SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ZEGOCLOUD, a global cloud communication service provider, is upgrading from Real-Time Communication (RTC) to Real-Time Interaction (RTI). RTI encompasses all of the technological components required to create real-time interactive scenarios, including but not limited to video call, voice call, live streaming, virtual avatar, AI effects and in-app chat.

“Compared with RTC, which focuses on connecting people online, RTI pays more attention to how to enable users to have an immersive, interesting and interactive experience, and above all, to enjoy true emotional communication,” said Kuk Jiang, Co-Founder of ZEGOCLOUD. “With this purpose, we made some technical breakthroughs, namely the ‘Three I’ in RTI.”

Intelligent and Realistic Picture Quality

  • AI-powered super-resolution: Lower traffic costs, higher resolution to let users gain better experience in live streaming
  • Portrait segmentation:Real-time segmentation of the characters and background. Enhance users’ backgrounds easily for immersive video communication
  • Low-light enhancement: Supports FHD quality video even when the user is in a dark environment

Immersive Sound Quality

  • AI noise suppression: Automatically eliminates environmental noise during a call; it also intelligently ensures high-fidelity sound quality in online karaoke and musical education scenarios
  • Spatial audio: Supports distinguishing sounds from different locations and distances. Supports just hearing voices within a set range and mimics real-world sound

Infinite Scenarios

  • Support up to 10,000 participants with cam/mic always on: Provide audio and video services that allow up to 10,000 people to enjoy simultaneous video interaction in the virtual world, and support synchronization of online user information and status changes

“RTI reduces service costs and improves efficiency, boosting business success. Developers and companies can improve end-user audio and video experiences without delays, in immersive frameworks, and with diverse scenarios,” continued Kuk. “Such as metaverse, live audio rooms, online Karaoke, video conference, interactive e-commerce, remote learning, online finance, and gaming.”


ZEGOCLOUD ( is the world’s leading Real-Time Interaction technology provider enabling enterprises and developers to obtain hassle-free real-time audio and video communication capabilities by integrating a single SDK. ZEGOCLOUD has supplied high-quality services to users in over 200 countries and regions, earning many clients’ trust in many industries.

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