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ZEGOCLOUD Metaverse Solution Empowers You To Build An Immersive Social World

ZEGOCLOUD Metaverse Solution Empowers You To Build An Immersive Social World

Creating a virtual identity, entering a metaverse, and interacting with other players realistically is a more immersive way of social interaction that leaves people with endless fantasies.

In the face of this social ascension, with years of technical accumulation in the field of real-time interaction, and many joint practical battles with customers, ZEGOCLOUD  built a metaverse solution to bring the virtual world to connect with reality.

1. ZEGOCLOUD launches metaverse solution

In virtual scenarios, only with full immersion can users plunge into them and generate a more realistic and quality interactive experience.

This is why ZEGOCLOUD focuses on high realism and introduces the metaverse solution, which integrates real-time interaction, virtual self-character, customized virtual scenes, scenario-based functions and other capabilities to help enterprises quickly create a virtual interactive world with an immersive experience.

Imagine a scenario where you take a selfie and create your avatar in real time, enter a gorgeous 3D virtual world, stroll shoulder to shoulder with your friends and chat, sing with them, watch a movie together, all your joys and sorrows are conveyed through facial expressions in real-time, and the immersion and sense of immersion that comes with it are mesmerizing. Behind this is the metaverse solution.

The solution lets companies quickly realize virtual scenarios such as virtual karaoke, live streaming, virtual chat rooms, virtual offices, etc. The solution has been used by a number of successful clients to build metaverse products successfully, such as Inke Metaverse’s case and Oasis’ case.

2. Highly realistic avatars

Avatar is a key component of a metaverse.  Please refer to this article for more information about avatar:

ZEGOCLOUD Avatar, an Indispensable Key Piece of the Metaverse Puzzle!

and check it out for the ZEGOCLOUD avatar solution.

It is not uncommon to see avatar face editing, but rather a synchronization of facial expression, gestures, and postures to fully satisfy your social fantasies.

Currently, the main way users create their avatars is by avatar face editing. This is done through a variety of pre-set fixed styles, which are arranged and combined to customize the avatar character’s appearance. This set style is inevitably not enough to give the user a sense of immersion in the virtual world.

With the metaverse solution, users can take a selfie and model it in real-time, complemented by a sophisticated face editing system to customize their avatars. At the same time, 100% of facial expressions synchronize with the user, so that the transmission of information and emotions in the virtual world becomes instantly recognizable.

Similarly, the “feedback” you receive from the virtual world becomes more realistic, so that you can perceive the smiles, sorrows, and joys of your friends, family, and strangers in real-time, thus gaining an immersive experience in the virtual world.

3. Custom scene editors to build virtual scenes at your own pace

The production process of traditional 3D virtual worlds requires original design and scene/character modeling, followed by running the various models through the code in the engine and finally integrating them into the client. The difficulty is that on the one hand, it is difficult to customize the scenes and the cost of creating virtual worlds based on business scenarios is high; on the other hand, there is a certain development threshold, requiring a high team size if the game scripts and game engines are required.

1) The first custom scene editor in the industry

To reduce the threshold for enterprises to build virtual worlds, ZEGOCLOUD has built a business scene editor that can significantly reduce the required development costs. It is also the first custom scene editor in the industry for virtual interactive scenarios.

2) Enterprises can customize virtual scenes as they wish

Unlike pre-built 3D scenes, enterprises can freely replace elements of virtual scenes through the custom scene editor, thus creating a more personalized virtual world. Whether it is a beach, a bar, a cinema, a karaoke room, an office, or a conference room, all can be generated by simple model replacement, creating a rich and colorful virtual world for users.

3) Visual editor to reduce the development barrier

For the complex development of integrated operations, that is, the structure of a variety of complex code encapsulated into a stable editor, the developer through a visual editor interface, custom business logic can be exported to the configuration file, SDK parsing can be achieved after the character action, personalized scenes of custom development, that is, to reduce the threshold of enterprise development of virtual scenes, and greatly reduce the development workload. In addition, it also reduces the probability of program problems to a certain extent and ensures the smooth operation of the character/scene model.

4. A variety of realistic interactive capabilities to create a fun world

In addition to the above capabilities, the virtual room has the ability to simulate real interactive experiences, including physical detection effects such as collision, gravity, etc. In addition, the scene simulation is closer to the real effect, such as real light and shadow, light reflection, lighting rendering, and other content presentation.

At present, the metaverse solution already supports the construction of virtual scenarios such as chat rooms, karaoke, live streaming, mini-games, watching movies together, etc. By encapsulating a variety of interactive functions in the room, it brings users a real and interesting immersive experience.

1) Multiple mimetic interactive capabilities encapsulated

If you just walk around in the virtual world, it is difficult to attract young people who need diversified interaction, so we need to equip the virtual world with richer interactive capabilities, such as walking into the virtual world of karaoke. You can carry out a series of simulated karaoke singings such as song selection, song order, chorus, etc.; and then, for example, walk into the cinema, sit in the seat with your companions, and choose a movie to watch.

For example, in the virtual karaoke scenario, the solution provides a complete library of songs, lyrics, room management, mic management, and other karaoke scenarios; in the virtual live scenario, it provides media player components, frame synchronization channels, data recording, message IM and other capabilities.

2) 3D stereo voice for a realistic sensory environment

In real life, we can determine the location of other people based on their voices, their proximity, and the volume of their voices changes with distance. This is one of the core elements required for an immersive experience in virtual worlds, ZEGOCLOUD’s metaverse solution offers three voice capabilities.

a) For Users in different locations, the sound intensity will change as the distance changes with the movement of the location.

b) The sound of the other party cannot be heard when moving beyond a certain distance, and can only be heard when moving closer to a certain range.

c) The sound has a sense of orientation and the location of the sound source can be determined by the sound.

When you are in a virtual karaoke, you can hear the sound of someone greeting you loudly in front of you, and you can also vaguely hear a group of people talking about Jay Chou’s new song not far behind you, and as you walk towards the group, the sound of the discussion will become clearer and clearer, and at this moment someone walks up to the jukebox and orders a song, you can also hear the sound of other players singing loudly.

The border between the real world and the virtual world is gradually blurred. And we will live in a truly intertwined reality and virtual world.

5. Last but not the least

The ZEGOCLOUD metaverse solution allows you to design, build and edit a virtual world for your platform and allows your users to customize their own self-avatars to navigate in the metaverse. And they can interact with one another through real-time voice, video, posture, gesture, and facial expressions. It can save you from the sunk cost of maintaining a unity development team and an AI-powered avatar development team.

If you can build a metaverse-based product for your platform and users, please contact us and speak with our solution architects and learn more ideas.

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